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Quadran Energies Marines

1Marine energies

Taking action for a New Energy World

Human-derived climat change threatens the Earth. Without a drastic limitation of global warming, consequences on biodiversity and humanity will be disastrous. In order to avoid further damage, several countries committed to limit global warming up to 1.5 degrees Celsius during the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris.

The energy industry has a crucial part to play in this commitment.

Renewable energies in the scope of electricity offer a wider energy autonomy to states and contribute to preserve the environment and biodiversity.

Marine energies, a resource for the future


Seas and oceans form a considerable renewable energy potential. Today, we have the means to exploit wind, current and tides, waves and temperature gradients.

Marine renewable energies are an answer to climat change and its stakes. They should represent 15% of the European energy mix by 2025.

France has a distinctive characteristic: three sea fronts, representing 11 million square kilometers of coast. Therefore, France has one of the biggest development potential in Europe, especially when it comes to seas and coastlines.


2About us

Quadran Énergies Marines, an energy transition protagonist

Quadran Énergies Marines is a new business located in Port-La Nouvelle in Aude (11), with a mission to develop any project regarding renewable marine energy in France and abroad.

With proven experience in development, conception, financing and management, Quadran Énergies Marines’ ambition is to become one of the first independent electricity producers in the scope of renewable marine energy.

Quadran Énergies Marines is already at the cutting edge of offshore wind development in France, backed by an award for their EolMed and Floatgen operator project (Ferme Pilote d’Éoliennes Flottantes en Mer project contest) with the installation of the first offshore windmill.

2About us

« 1000 MW worth of projects by 2030 »

As an independent French electricity producer in the scope of renewable marine energy, Quadran Énergies Marines’ goal is to reach 1000 MV worth of projects by 2030.

In order to achieve that, we use our expertise to get total control for each and every project we chose to develop.

Those projects need to tackle environmental stakes by taking into account both technological progress and evolutions in the energy industry.

However, on top of joining in with a global policy, we chose to realize innovating projects which create wealth for regions. Each project is unique and needs to be achieved with the help of the region, for the region. Co-construction processes are very important to us, as we truly think projects can see the light of day thanks to the regions, not the other way around.

Olivier Guiraud

General manager


Project identification

Prospecting and call for bids

Co-construction with stakeholders

Concertation with inhabitants, representatives, institutions and associations

Obtaining environmental authorizations

Developing diagnosis for economical, social and environmental impacts

Project financing

When we get authorizations, the final investment decision is announced

Renewable marine energy project management

Managing each construction and installation step

Site exploitation

Maintenance operation management and environmental monitoring

Site dismantling

After site exploitation, dismantling and reconditioning



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Moulins de Flandre

Dans le cadre de sa candidature au dialogue concurrentiel portant sur des installations éoliennes en mer au large de Dunkerque, DEME, expert dans la conception, la construction et la maintenance de parcs éoliens en mer, présélectionné par la Commission de Régulation de l'Energie [...]

Eolmed, énergie renouvelable

Eolmed, first floating windmill farm in the Mediterranean

Eolmed is an implantation of four 24.6 MW floating windmills in the Mediterranean. It is the first pilot farm to win the ADEME projet contest in 2015. By 2021, a 4-windmill farm will be installed in the Mediterranean, off the coast of Gruissan (Aude). The 4 windmills installed on a reinforced concrete floating base of [...]


Floatgen: the floating windmill with new horizons

The Floatgen project prefigures the floating windmill farms that will be installed in the upcoming years - the first ones will be in our EolMed farm. The Floatgen prototype created by Ideol and built by Bouygues TP aims at confirming Dampling pool’s floating foundation’s technological performances at high seas, [...]



A strong territorial anchor

Beyond the geographical implantation of the project, concertation with the region’s representatives is paramount in order to get to know the area and to fully understand how it works.
Each region has its own characteristics and it is absolutely necessary to take them into account, to not only guarantee long-term viability, but also to support this new dynamic, which is strongly linked to renewable energy deployment.

Co-constructing the regions’ energy future also means choosing local expertise.

Quadran Energies Marines choses local industrial partners so that projects are better suited for their location regarding electricity production from renewable energy, project visibility or local and neighboring species defense.

When it comes to EolMed, nearly 150 job creations are expected for the floating windmill construction and another 50 for their offshore installation.

Environmentally-friendly projects

Environmental issues are a crucial part of project conception data.
Project conception considers minimizing - compensating even - environmental impacts, including when it comes to essential decisions regarding the projet (its nature, localisation or opportunity). All these measures come with a follow-up program.

Beyond biodiversity, our approach embraces all environmental prerogatives: air quality, noise, water, soil, public health, site reconditioning, etc.

Quadran Energies Marines takes farm dismantling very seriously in order to fully respect sites after teams leave. All constituents are taken back to land and are then recycled for other projects.


Olivier Guiraud

Directeur Général

Roch  Frutos - Ingénierie Offshore

Roch Frutos

Ingénierie Offshore

Jean-Baptiste Lacaze - Ingénierie Éolien Offshore

Jean-Baptiste Lacaze

Ingénierie Éolien Offshore

Estelle Floret - Ingénierie Offshore

Estelle Floret

Ingénierie Offshore

Laurent Tokarski - Chef de projets Offshore

Laurent Tokarski

Chef de projets Offshore

Damien Accoley - Chef de projets Offshore

Damien Accoley

Chef de projets Offshore

Bastien Simoes Vieira -  Cartographe

Bastien Simoes Vieira


Pierre Lefevre - Ingénieur Ressources Marines

Pierre Lefevre

Ingénieur Ressources Marines

Thomas Herissé - Technicien expert Maintenance Offshore

Thomas Herissé

Technicien expert Maintenance Offshore